Career development with ANCOR

ANCOR Holding builds up long-term relations with candidates. Cooperation with ANCOR specialists helps you to study the labor market, assess your abilities, and choose the way that corresponds mostly to the current stage of your career development.

For your career development we can offer permanent jobs or contract jobs and temporary employment , both in our clients' companies and in the subsidiary companies of ANCOR Holding.

During 20 years we placed over 22,000 candidates — permanent employment. Annually we provide temporary employment to over 8,500 people.

We assign a high priority to making cooperation with ANCOR mostly favorable and efficient both for our clients and candidates willing to find or change a job.

ANCOR Advantages

  • Long-term experience in recruitment
  • Regional network that covers Russia and the CIS countries
  • Profound expert knowledge based on industry-specific and professional specialization
  • Qualified and experienced consultants and recruiters
  • Advanced methods of candidates’ search and selection
  • Corporate information system which comprises integrated, updatable, and protected database that was specially designed for ANCOR
  • Great opportunities for employment assistance. Annually we implement recruitment projects for over 1,600 companies
  • Our guarantees of high quality service and business ethics principles, including Candidate Relationship Principles.

Candidate Relationship Principles

Tailored Approach

Before we offer you a certain job we will invite you for an interview in order to specify details of your work experience, professional expectations, and career plans.


Information about you may be provided to our client only with your consent. We never perform special testing, any investigation or check your recommendations without prior notice to you. ANCOR is one of the first companies operating in the Russian and Ukrainian market of HR services, which started to work in compliance with requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law.


ANCOR consultants undertake not to discriminate candidates against their sex, age, nationality, political and religious beliefs.


We provide you with all the available information about the company, which invites you for an interview, if the information is not confidential. When you pass an interview in the company we certainly let you know the feedback.

Long-Term Relationship

All the information about your candidate profile with your consent in written is stored in ANCOR information system and enables us to build up long-term relations taking into consideration your past and current career changes. We use and protect your information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Free-of-Charge Services

All ANCOR services are free of charge for candidates, all the recruitment expenses are paid by our clients. Besides, owing to special nature of our activities we cannot guarantee you employment.

So that ANCOR could consider you as a candidate for the vacancies, you should send us your CV by e-mail or fill in an application form, and sign a consent to use of your personal data. Our consultants will contact you when they have positions available that correspond to your professional experience, plans and expectations.

If ANCOR found you a job in a certain company, and you still work for this company or you are an employee of another company, which is a client of ANCOR, our consultants can not offer you vacant jobs until you contact us yourself, having previously informed your employer.

Hotline for candidates

Phone: +7 (495) 788-52-03; 8-800-700-5203 (free-of-charge call within the Russian Federation)

Hours: Monday-Friday, since 9 a.m. to 6 a.m.