Liability On The Personal Data Law

In accordance with Federal Law # 152-FZ of the Russian Federation dated 27.07.2006 «On Personal Data» personal data processing is defined as operations with personal data including collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, elaboration (upgrade, change), usage, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, deleting of personal data.

Personal data processing in ANCOR holding comprises candidates' personal data allocation in the structured format which allows searching and analyzing information when recruiting candidates for certain jobs and presenting candidates to potential employers, clients of ANCOR.

In accordance with the Russian Federal Law «On Personal Data» of the Russian Federation (#152-FZ dated 27.07.2006) any company engaged in personal data processing should obtain the agreement of the data owner to process it. The owner of personal data, who gave such an agreement may withdraw it registering the corresponding withdrawal agreement.

Agreement registration

A written agreement should be personally signed by a personal data owner. In order to comply with the law requirements we ask you, if possible, before you go for an interview to ANCOR, fill in the form and bring it with you. If you can't fill it in advance, we will offer you to fill in the form in the ANCOR office before the interview. You can also send a filled form by registered mail with a confirmation receipt to Moscow headquarters or to any of ANCOR branches.

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Agreement withdrawal registration

In case if you withdraw your agreement for personal data processing we are obliged to delete the data. Sometimes candidates understand by rejection for the personal data processing, unwillingness to consider a certain position or receive information from our consultants and recruiters while being in inactive job search. It is not right interpretation of the law.

Personal data agreement withdrawal means that all the history of your career development, cooperation with ANCOR, and a list of positions considered, will be deleted. This action makes sense if you are absolutely sure that professional services of ANCOR consultants will never be useful to you.

If you are satisfied with your current job and in the nearest future you do not plan changes, there is no need to register a personal data agreement withdrawal. Just contact ANCOR hotline for candidates, inform us that you are not interested in any information about new jobs during, i.e., next year. We will fix your request in the information system and won’t disturb you until the specified date.

If you wish to register an official withdrawal because of negative feedback after contacting ANCOR, please, contact us and describe your complain. We regularly work for improvement of our qualifications and communications, and we truly appreciate your feedback. Send us your comments and suggestions about work with candidates at We will review each case individually and do our best to improve our relations.

If you are not sure, whether you should register a personal data agreement withdrawal, contact our Information Service by phone: +7 (495) 788-5203 (09.00-18.00 Moscow time) or by e-mail, and have consultancy on the question.

If your decision to register the agreement withdrawal is strong and objective, please, provide ANCOR with a written "Personal data processing agreement withdrawal" bearing your personal signature.

Download Personal data processing agreement withdrawal

ANCOR deletes your personal data in the period of three days from the withdrawal’ receipt by the Russian Law on Personal Data.

If you decide to register the agreement withdrawal, please, inform us, first via e-mail

The original copy of the withdrawal signed by the Candidate may be submitted to any ANCOR office in person or sent by registered mail with notification of delivery to Moscow headquarters or to any of ANCOR branches.