ANCOR holding develops HR products in attention to the market trends and models the business structure in the way to approach ANCOR business units to render not services but integrated solutions, supporting a client’s business and basing on modern technologies and our deep expertise in the industry. ANCOR building the relationship means constant development up to the highest service standards. Our clients trust our extensive expertise and our consultants’ high caliber qualification. We aim at exceeding our clients' expectations, and not just at meeting them. Our goal is the HR market development and creation of perspective effective and ergonomic solutions.

ANCOR Advantages:

  • Long-term, extensive experience in HR services’ rendering and solutions’ finding, portfolio of successful projects of different complexity.
  • Network of the offices throughout Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
  • Synergy of services.
  • Unique information system and technologies in all the offices.
  • Platform of strategic business units, formed on the base of territorial, product, or industrial specialization.
  • High caliber consultants, who specialize in different industries, business specifics, personnel level and functions.
  • Proven staffing technologies.
  • Professional skills in HR administration and payroll in attention to labor rules, caused by different industrial and regional specifics.
  • Quality guarantee and following the business ethic principles.

See the expression of our clients’ trust, which we consider to be the best evidence of our quality and efficiency.