Sergey Salikov

General Manager

Education Graduated fr om the Far Eastern State Maritime Academy, holds a degree in navigation engineering.
Career Mr Salikov worked in the fleet from 1985 to 1994.
At ANCOR: In 1994 Sergey Salikov became ANCOR regional representative in the Far East. In 1995 Mr Salikov was appointed as the Director of ANCOR-Vladivostok branch and three years later purchased office in Vladivostok and signed the franchising agreement with ANCOR Head office in Moscow. In 1999-2000 Mr Salikov was forming the ANCOR Eastern division, founding subsidiary companies of ANCOR-Vladivostok in Irkutsk and Khabarovsk. In 2004 he joined the newly-created ANCOR holding with these three companies. Sergey Salikov had been working in the Management company since 2004 as the Regional Development Director, since 2007 — the Vice-president, Strategic Development. On the 15th of September 2008 Mr Salikov was appointed to be the ANCOR Holding General Manager by decision of the Board of Directors.


Aleksey Mironov

Director, Strategic Development

Education: Aleksey Mironov graduated from Kolomna State Pedagogical Institute and has two diplomas majoring in Linguistics and National Economy. Mr Mironov also received MBA degree in marketing in the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade.
Career: In 2001-2005 worked for Coleman Services, Russia wh ere made a career from a consultant to the head of the marketing and business development department.
at ANCOR: Mr Mironov joined ANCOR in 2005 as the national manager for business development, later took the lead of Key Account Management. From 11 January 2009, he was appointed Account Director at ANCOR On 11 January 2010, appointed Deputy General Manager for Strategic Business Development at ANCOR. On April 2011, appointed Director for Strategic Development at ANCOR

Oksana Timofeeva

Financial Manager

Education: Graduated from Ukhta Industrial Institute, specialty — Oil and gas geology, and in 2006 graduated from Moscow Academy of Finance and Law, specialty — Financial Management.
Career: Oksana Timofeeva started her career in financial management in the «Russian Standard» company, in 2004-2006 gained experience in treasury department management in the retail business.
At ANCOR: In 2008 Oksana Timofeeva joined ANCOR as the head of Treasury Department. Since March 1, 2011 Mrs Timofeeva has been the chief financial officer of ANCOR Holding.

Strategic Business Units’ Management:
ANCOR Recruitment, Russia
ANCOR Staff Leasing Company, Russia
ANCOR, Ukraine
ANCOR Central Asia
ANCOR Business Solutions
ANCOR Banking, Financial Services
ANCOR Healthcare & Pharmacy
ANCOR Energy Services
ANCOR Accounting Process Management