Valeria Sheveleva appointed the Director for Kazakhstan at ANCOR

ANCOR, 4 April 2012

Since April 2, 2012 Valeria Sheveleva was appointed the position of Country director at ANCOR. Earlier she held the position of the head of «East» macro region of ANCOR Holding in Russia. Valeria was responsible for controlling business operation activities, ensuring the growth and development of business, and organizing the all-inclusive service of clients in the Ural region, Siberia and the Far East.

In her new position Valeria will be responsible for the development of recruitment and staff leasing services over the territories of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Valeria's considerable experience in the area of HR consulting will enable her to focus on the following tasks:

  • organizing an effective system of client services in Kazakhstan and Central Asia;
  • promoting complex HR-solutions for business;
  • increasing the effectiveness of work at all levels.

Thus in her new position Valeria will be in charge of the further development of business and of strengthening ANCOR's positions in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

«Valeria has a huge work experience in ANCOR. During almost ten years of her work in the company she has proved to be a skilled and effective leader, who is able to manage large-scale territories, demonstrating excellent business performances. Today Valeria faces a formidable and difficult task of bringing the business of ANCOR in Kazakhstan to a new level, strengthening its leading positions and developing a partnership with national business. I wish her the best of success in her new position of Director of ANCOR in Kazakhstan,» Sergei Salikov, General manager of ANCOR Holding, said.


Valeria's professional development in ANCOR began in 2002 from the position of a recruitment consultant in Vladivostok. From 2004 to 2008 she acquired her first management experience, working as Head of ANCOR office in Khabarovsk. Transferred to the position of regional manager in January 2008, Valeria controlled the offices in Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk. In February 2010 Valeria was appointed as manager of the «East» macro region of ANCOR Holding and was therefore responsible for the development of business over the territories of 13 cities of Siberia, the Ural region and the Far East. The 2 of April 2012 Valeria was appointed as Director of ANCOR in Kazakhstan.