Randstad Award-2015 results in Russia

15 April 2015

This year ANCOR has launched Randstad Award-2015 ceremony in Moscow for the second time. Gazprom has become the most attractive employer among national companies, while Samsung has got the same award among international companies. Oil and gas, consumer electronics and automotive have become the most attractive sectors in Russia.

Every year the most attractive employers get this prestigious award on the basis of the largest independent research in the world. In 2014, 23 countries have participated in Randstad Award, covering 75% of the global economy.
Randstad Award research also contents the key factors of employers’ attractiveness and job seekers preferences and concerns. The survey in Russia was conducted by independent research company ICMA Group on behalf of Randstad and ANCOR. 9106 respondents aged 18-65 (54% - women, 46% - men) have participated in Randstad Award research-2015.  

According to the research, the most important criterion for job seekers in Russia is salary and employee benefits. 34% candidates consider it as the most important factor. The same criterion is the top priority for candidates worldwide. Potential employer’s financial health and stability got the second place (13%). This factor along with long-term job security may become the core value in 2015. Interesting job content (10%), long-term job security (6%) and career progression opportunities (4%) are also in the TOP-5. However, environmental and social awareness (CSR) is on the last place.

Besides the traditional employer brand attractiveness questions there’re also some additional questions. This year research includes questions about social networks, factors that contribute to candidates’ decision to change employers and factors that make employees stay with their current companies.
Thus, 25% of respondents have changed their employers in the past year, 19% of them changed their job voluntarily, 4% changed and plan to change and 3% made redundant. Employees change employers because of low compensation (44%), lack of career opportunities (34%) and lack of financial stability (30%), which is especially important today.

It’s interesting to note, that 25% of respondents are not satisfied with their current job and will likely change it as soon as possible. 21% of candidates plan to change their employers and 4% have already changed it last year and plan to do it again.

Competitive salary (47%) along with interesting jobs (36%) and financial health (33%) make employees stay with their current employer. Career growth and professional opportunities are on the last place for candidates today.
However, 54% reported they didn’t change their employers in the past 12 months and wouldn’t do it for the next year. It means that candidates became more cautious on the job market and mostly choose wait-and-see attitude.