• Management

Head office:

+7 (495) 926-41-00


Strategic business unit “ANCOR Business Solutions” is an industry-focused company that provides recruitment and staffing services to:

The consultants of “ANCOR Business Solutions” are experts, specializing in a deffinite market, and the specialization enables our services with high quality and efficiency.

  • top management
  • middle management and specialists
  • entry level

ANCOR Business Solutions has a group of consultants, which fill back office vacancies, i.e. book-keeping, corporate finance, legal, IT, administrative.

ANCOR Business Solutions is experienced in staff leasing and temporary staffing and performs projects, aiming industrial, retail, and service staffing.

ANCOR Business Solutions is a vertically integrated company and all the divisions and groups are formed in the way to provide all the services in the head office and regional branches. Our clients are sure in individual approach and high caliber project management in any location.

Regional branches:
Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Samara, Kaluga, Voronezh

Director, ANCOR Business Solutions